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Jul 9, 2018 3:56 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Drunk Yoga Classes Come To Montauk

Eli Walker, founder and owner of Drunk Yoga, instructs a class in Montauk over Memorial Day Weekend.
Jul 12, 2018 1:37 PM

In September 2017, Eli Walker was visiting a former employer at The Grey Lady, a bar in New York City, when she came up with a business idea. Now, less than a year later, she is the proud founder and owner of Drunk Yoga—a company aiming to unite a celebration of wine with the meditative exercise. While she has conducted only a couple of classes locally—on Memorial Day weekend at Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk, and on July 8 at the Grey Lady’s eastern outpost in Montauk—she hopes to offer more.

The classes, she said, help to foster a welcoming environment to both yoga enthu‑
siasts and those who are not familiar with the practice. “I really want to bring yoga to non-yogis,” she said.

Drunk Yoga—which, as the name suggests, involves imbibing alcohol while practicing yoga—began as an experimental class at the Grey Lady in New York, where Ms. Walker worked. After it began receiving positive feedback and press, she decided to devote her energy to creating and growing the company, eventually expanding to offer regular classes at several New York City bars.

With the summer season, Ms. Walker brought her class to Montauk—at both the Grey Lady and Ruschmeyer’s.

On Memorial Day weekend, outside in the cool grass of Ruschmeyer’s lawn, students learned new yoga poses while carefully hoisting the red Solo cups that perhaps allowed some to complete the trickier poses.

Ms. Walker said her class aims to turn yoga into happy hour—though not in the traditional sense. The classes embrace the essence of “happy” through fun, laughter and the games played in the class, she said.

Ms. Walker also said that she wanted to invite her participants to “look silly” to truly maintain the spirit of the class. And silly they looked, often in awkward positions, holding the wine-filled cups while waiting for instructions.

Each Drunk Yoga class consists of yoga, wine and games. Ms. Walker comes up with different rules for each class. Some previous examples include taking a sip if you lose balance and using just one leg for certain positions. And though “drunk” is in its title, the class allows participants to consume only alcohol provided by the company—strictly wine—and only one to two cups per person.

Ms. Walker said she has always been interested in “ways to combine performing arts together with yoga.” But it wasn’t until her former employer at the Grey Lady in New York suggested he “couldn’t touch his toes without alcohol” that she became inspired to start the company.

“Yoga is a practice to cultivate personal joy,” said Ms. Walker. Her goal is to extend the classes to as many people as possible, in hopes of reaching those who may not initially be excited about yoga.

After teaching past classes in Montauk, Ms. Walker said she hopes to teach more throughout the summer, in addition to the regular classes in the city.

UPDATE: Ms. Walker will teach a class at The Grey Lady Montauk on August 18, at 2 p.m.

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Pw Herman,I’ll start a go fund me page for you. Get you tickets out of the country. Would you like to go to Uzbekistan or Chad? Your choice, have a great trip and a great life.
By Fred s (3321), Southampton on Jul 10, 18 7:38 AM
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Generational wealth.

My, how un-American.

"If there was one thing the Revolutionary generation agreed on — and those guys who dress up like them at Tea Party conventions most definitely do not — it was the incompatibility of democracy and inherited wealth.

With Thomas Jefferson taking the lead in the Virginia legislature in 1777, every Revolutionary state government abolished the laws of primogeniture and entail that had served to perpetuate the concentration ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 10, 18 6:14 PM
Alternatively, you just have to be the next of kin when someone dies intestate.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 12, 18 7:48 AM
incredible JuneZ, just incredible. Your anti capitalist , hard core leftist class envy causes you to want the government to confiscate wealth instead of allowing it to be past on to the next generation, you disgust me.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jul 14, 18 6:03 PM
Are you daft man? You spew contempt at not only myself, but Thomas Jefferson as well? You sir, surely are no Theodore Roosevelt.

This country has nothing to fear from the crooked man who fails. We put him in jail. It is the crooked man who succeeds who is a threat to this country.

Address in Memphis, Tennessee (25 October 1905)

A heavy progressive tax upon a very large fortune is in no way such a tax upon thrift or industry as a like would be on a small ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 14, 18 10:38 PM
I'd buy that for a dollar!
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on Jul 10, 18 8:44 AM
Oh pleeeeeeese!.....go back to the city with your drunk yoga idiots (citidiots) and let Montauk be Montauk.
By mtkfishman (76), montauk on Jul 10, 18 8:56 AM
I know someone who can’t get through yoga class without alcohol. She’s an alcoholic.
By even flow (1023), East Hampton on Jul 10, 18 9:14 AM
Do they drive home drunk after class....?
By Sturgis (611), Southampton on Jul 10, 18 11:05 AM
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Nothing like taking a sacred art form and making it into buffoonery.
By Uncle Fester (61), Southampton on Jul 10, 18 5:34 PM
Why do so many city people instantly become idiots when they get to Montauk ? Enough is enough.
By Hobie58148 (15), East Hampton on Jul 10, 18 6:12 PM
This is hysterical. Am I the only one who finds this humorous? And Hobie...you're asking why city people become idiots when they go to Montauk? Maybe It's possible they read articles like this and find it acceptable.
Moreover, what do you think city folk think of Montauketts when they come into the city for a night of debauchery? It works both ways. You just find it more reprehensible to act like idiots in the country than in the city. Am i wrong?
By DiseaseDiocese (668), Riverhead on Jul 10, 18 7:22 PM
Well with all due respect DD and Hobie can correct me if I'm wrong but I think Montauk is sometimes treated like the wild west where anything goes as compared to the other "Hamptons" towns. I know a few years ago it was like spring break during the summer months and a friend of mine had to break out the hose because drunk people were using her front lawn as a toilet....It's ok to have fun but blatant disrespect for the area and the local residents is ridiculous ....Also...with drunk driving and ...more
By Sturgis (611), Southampton on Jul 11, 18 8:46 AM
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By Hobie58148 (15), East Hampton on Jul 11, 18 1:22 PM
"the proud founder and owner of Drunk Yoga"......... Talk about having high standards.
By Hobie58148 (15), East Hampton on Jul 11, 18 1:23 PM
Only in The Hamptons! You can't make this stuff up.
Pass the matches and my fiddle, please.


Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!
By Nero (301), Sag Harbor on Jul 12, 18 2:05 PM
What time does the class start? I haven't gone to bed yet and after puking this morning, i feel a lot better.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Jul 14, 18 7:55 AM
Nothing like people having a good time to get the miserable masses all riled up.
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on Jul 16, 18 1:46 PM
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Yea it's great ...until someone drives home drunk after class and kills someone. The drinking and driving problem out here is bad enough. Why add to it ? Besides , most fitness experts agree that this is just a marketing gimmick and that it's actually contradictory...Yoga is supposed to increase your consciousness , whereas drinking beer lowers it.

Yoga is an ancient serious practice. This is not Yoga but an opportunity to drink and socialize ...
By Sturgis (611), Southampton on Jul 16, 18 5:15 PM
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