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Mar 16, 2012 12:44 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

Mar 21, 2012 9:20 AM

A Springs resident called for East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley’s resignation at a Town Board meeting last Thursday, claiming she called some residents “Nazis” at an earlier meeting this month.

After a public comment period at a March 1 Town Board meeting, Ms. Quigley could be overheard complaining about the behavior of Springs residents who appeared before the board to complain about illegal overcrowding in their hamlet.

“This is Nazis. This is disgusting,” she said to Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc. Her comment was picked up by the audio equipment of LTV, which broadcasts board meetings.

“I’m not a Nazi,” Springs resident Fred Weinberg told the board last Thursday night. “No one on the Springs Concerned Citizens committee is a Nazi. The Springs Concerned Citizens group does not use Gestapo methods. No one in Springs spies on our neighbors. We don’t have to. Their violations are in our face. They are apparent.”

He continued, calling Ms. Quigley’s comments “appalling and denigrating.”

“I call on you, Ms. Quigley, to resign now … Prior to doing so, you must apologize to the Springs Concerned Citizens committee, to the people of East Hampton, to the town supervisor, to our fellow board members. Ms. Quigley, you must resign. Then and only then can we move on.”

Ms. Quigley did not respond to the comments at the meeting. When reached on Monday evening, Ms. Quigley declined to comment.

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Well, by the application of "Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies," if Ms. Quigley introduced the term into the dialogue, then she has bu default lost not only the debate, but the moral high ground as well.

She shouldn't resign, but should be given the Erwin Rommel Option. Only then will Mr. Weinberg's bloodlust be satisfied, and everyone be able to get past Ms. Q.'s shocking utterance..
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Mar 16, 12 3:20 PM
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She never held "the moral high ground" to begin with. She (and other apologist for the illegal flop houses) has consistently used race and class as a wedge to distort the issue and the facts. The nazi slip is indicitive of the moral standard she brings to the "debate".
By zaz (197), East Hampton on Mar 16, 12 5:01 PM
Mr. Weinberg protests too much because let's face it the radical group in Springs has presented itself as fanatical. Go back to the March 1Town Board meeting tape. Mr. Weinberg's group did call for neighbors to spy on neighbors; one individual implied that someone being picked up at his home to go to work needed to be investigated; another of the Weinberg/Buda gang said they were mapping the places where "they believed" there were violations; and yet another one of the gang, or should I say mob, ...more
By hellothere (10), springs on Mar 16, 12 9:38 PM
What else is the "pillar of the community" going to say? That he employs a bunch of illegal aliens. I'd like to see the paperwork on his crew and see who is legal and who is not. That's a good way to stop this. Go after the employer.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Mar 18, 12 5:22 PM
Right on Councilwoman Quigley!!!!!!! This Springs group will use the terms "those people" or "them" or "they are" -- never saying latino ot hispanic but always implying it. That is awful and not American, Captain America -- it's not what my father fought for in WW II and by grandfather in WW I. No one wants to be in a town if it is led by a bunch of race baiting ignoramuses. Mrs. Quigley's remarks were emotional and a reaction to a group of people who just finished verbally abusing an entire segment ...more
By factsandtruth (42), East Hampton on Mar 16, 12 10:12 PM
As seen on these threads and self-described - it seems that David Buda wants and probably needs a job. i was surprised to read that he is proud of his "code enforcement" capabilities. Everyone should be careful of what they wish for when he and his wife come a knockin' ....
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 16, 12 10:40 PM
David Buda has a full-time, paid job, Deb. You know that. You are the one who needs a job. You've got too much time on your hands. Stop trying to run a parallel government in this town.

Thanks to Springs Concerned Citizens and Town Code Enforcement, over 100 housing cases in Springs have been opened, 94 have gone to court and over 974 violations have been issued. Doesn't that prove to you, Board Watcher, the seriousness of the illegal overcrowding issue in Springs?

Be grateful, ...more
By HogCreek (7), East Hampton on Mar 17, 12 7:52 AM
It proves that where there are violations the town is pursuing them within the law and the organization in Springs should not characterize the town enforcement people and town board as ignoring illegal situations or at best enforcing marginally and not doing their jobs. Using scare tactics is the problem here. The people from the Springs group talk about Interpol fugitives, shady people, rapists in the neighborhoods, unwanted "transients", and on and on. It is an obvious attempt to scare people ...more
By connwatcher (112), east hampton on Mar 17, 12 11:12 AM
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Wait....did you really just use the term "Unoccupy Springs Movement?" I wasn't going to chime in being I'm in Southampton, but I'm curious as to who is unoccupying? Is everyone leaving? Springs is going back to what it was like before Europeans came? Or do you just want "some people" to unoccupy Springs? How does that work? Because I don't think you or anyone else has the right to say who stays and who goes.
By LMVT (56), Shinnecock Indian Reservation on Mar 17, 12 9:07 PM
Dear Hog Creek, I am not the " Boardwatcher". I always sign my name after any comments I personally make. I understand the frustration of the Springs Concerned Citizens. The current strong feelings from Springs residents are due to the fact that overcrowding of homes in single family neighborhoods continues to exist. The real culprits are not the renters\ workers but the landlords\ owners who are not being held accountable. Also, if a fine is leveled, it does not begin to cover the rents they ...more
By Debra Foster (4), East Hampton on Mar 18, 12 12:11 PM
No group should be refereed to as "those people". You would have to be a fool to not know who they are referring to. Every one in East Hampton certainly knows who they are referring to.

And it goes beyond complaining about overcrowding when you characterize "those people" in a negative way that creates the perception that "they" are threatening to others. It is very disturbing to here such language. The person you referred to is Steve Gaines and he has stated that he is appalled at ...more
By factsandtruth (42), East Hampton on Mar 16, 12 10:47 PM
If you or Gaines lived in one of these neighborhoods you would see that this is not about illegal immigrants. It's about people who bought or rented houses they can't afford and offset there costs by subletting. Some are in it only for the extra income. One house in my neighborhood was built in 1987 by the current owner who has never lived in it. This has been consistently been occupied by tenants who sublet. How do I know the owner has never lived in it? Because she calls every-time she needs a ...more
By phins (43), East Hampton on Mar 17, 12 9:39 AM
That's really awful. You and your neighbors shouldn't have to put up with that kind of behavior
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Mar 18, 12 5:45 PM
Ms. Quigley or Tina Piette for that matter should have never used the words Nazis or Gestapo. The springs residents have a right to worry about their homes and their safety. If any of you had an illegal house next to you, I wonder how you would feel. There is a law in East Hampton Town that was passed in the late 80's I believe called by many the Grouper law. It stated that it was illegal for more than 4 unrelated people to live in one house. It never referenced anything to do with racism or ...more
By housewife (79), east hampton on Mar 16, 12 11:51 PM
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I do not live in the Springs, nor do I know any of the people involved. I just have to commnent that it seems like there can be no meeting of the minds on this issue because of the mindsets of both sides. Those who want more control over what they see as illegal overcrowding have to be very careful and thoughtful in what actions they want taken. They should make sure that the standards for investigating someone's living situation is based on facts, not assumptions.

The other side needs ...more
By thomasmc (13), Southampton on Mar 17, 12 8:54 AM
Ditto thomasmc. Good thoughts. I only wish the town board and all would get together.
By housewife (79), east hampton on Mar 17, 12 10:48 AM
Ms.Quigley is a lawyer and a partner in a prestigious law firm.If she were to use that language at her corporate office she would be fired. We seem to be offended by the use of "those people" versus calling people "nazis"
Is she listening and understanding how people on both sides are looking to the town board for some help?
It is time for her to apoligize and resign. With her ego I doubt she will do either.
By Cato (2), southampton on Mar 17, 12 11:00 AM
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Maybe its time to begin acting in a way that is reflective of American values. And I have to believe that Ms. Quigley was offended by the lack of any sign of those values in the arguments being made that night. As some one alluded to in a comment about a related story, that town board meeting was like the famous movie about the railroading of a minority in court.

One word I have never heard come out of the mouth of any of the Unoccupy Springs group is assimilate. I hear enforce, prosecute, ...more
By connwatcher (112), east hampton on Mar 18, 12 10:20 AM
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There is a right for Latinos to live in our community but there is no right for illegals. There is also no right for any citizen to break housing and safety laws stop making this an ethnic issue. People have the right to feel safe in their neighborhood and not have to deal with overcrowded homes period.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Mar 18, 12 11:45 PM
Connwatcher, you clearly did not attend or watch the video of the meeting in question. There were no pitch forks or crowds chanting, just concerned citicens exercising their right to free speech. Free speech, the rule of law and right to peaceful enjoyment of ones property are reflective of American values.

You're not hearing the word "assimilate" because the misrepresented argument is that this is about race... it's not. It is about illegal housing. Why would latinos and latino leaders ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on Mar 19, 12 9:59 AM
Conn you are judging the Springs residents without knowing how they are living. Complaints about 94 houses is severe. Walk a mile in my shoes and your opinions just might change.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Mar 19, 12 10:51 AM
My comment which was removed above was specifically on topic, directly countered some of the many false statements above and contained nothing offensive. That is was removed sends a very troubling message about this blog and its contnet.
By rational (7), east hampton on Mar 17, 12 12:35 PM
Let's call the illegal renters GROUPERS since there is a law in East Hampton Town that prohibits more than 4 unrelated people to rent a house together. This law has existed for years and at least Southampton Town tries to enforce the law.
By housewife (79), east hampton on Mar 18, 12 12:57 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 18, 12 6:43 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 18, 12 6:47 PM
Written over a year ago on this very same site:
Thank you Mo - what you are saying makes sense to me. It is absolutely true that adding more code enforcement did not eradicate the "problem" during McGintee's reign. It seems to me that the Budas and some other people calling to get the "illegals" out have personally experienced living next door to "problem" neighbors. While I can sympathize with them, stepping up code enforcement under the current laws is only a SMALL PART of any solution to ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 19, 12 10:42 AM
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I am a Springs resident and also a member of the Springs School Key Communicators group. Springs has a problem with illegal housing and out of sight taxes and we have had these problems for many years. Many on this site, that are too cowardly to use their real names, perhaps are the reasons that zoning laws were passed that favored the wealthier areas of this Town and left Springs to fend for itself. The Wilkinson administration has done more in the last 2 years to try to address the illegal ...more
By Carole Campolo (46), East Hampton on Mar 19, 12 7:58 PM
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Google Tarpley and you'll find a biography of George Bush where it explains how Prescott Bush and friends first financed Hitler. There are 3 other books about the Bush gang being released soon. I think that economics and aesthetics play a large roll. Property values declining and kids added to the schools at 25.000 each really hurts. Too many people and cars are disconcerting. Add additional traffic,noise and litter makes everyone angry.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Mar 20, 12 11:04 AM
There was an "outcry" Ms. Campolo - only it was a whisper campaign in 2004 to get rid of the "brown tide". I am not a "liberal Democrat", a "Republican" or whatever you would choose to label me and others as (with the backing of your Deacon no less!) Sorry... Bill McGintee served this town also -- just saying.
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 20, 12 11:36 PM
Lets not play party vs party. the reality is that illegal housing is a big problem in Springs. yes some people have gone about addressing it in an undesirable way, but if the town had just done its job in the first place, none of this would be going on. people should live where they can afford to live legally. if they can't afford to live in an area, they can work there and commute in.
By reality 101 (137), East Hampton on Mar 19, 12 8:22 PM
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Or "they" - our children, middle class and elderly can "just move out" too, right Reality? Because that's what's happening. I suppose you, Gansetteer and Tito "have yours" so to speak so don't have to worry about who works in the restaurants and delis you may go to (let them commute in - those business owners are greedy anyway!), what house your kids are going to buy (go to Riverhead!) or where and how your parents are going to survive (or where the help that they may need at home is coming from- ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 22, 12 11:54 AM
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are you suggesting that people don't commute to work in more affluent areas? It's done across the country. It's why people live in Queens and work in Manhattan. No one is telling middle class people to move away. the truth is if you want to live here year round, there aren't many good paying jobs. If you want one of the good jobs, you can start your own business, and maybe make it. You can be a realtor, a cop, a lawyer, teacher? There are ways to make money here, so lets not make it like you can't ...more
By reality 101 (137), East Hampton on Mar 22, 12 7:19 PM
The "reality" is that a group of people in
Springs want to (may have already?) publish the addresses and take pictures of "suspected violators". This is scary, scary stuff with a very POLITICAL base and agenda, and being openly driven by self-proclaimed "Code Enforcer" David Buda, and pandering to very specific "neighbors" who may or may not like theirs - for whatever reason. The "reality" is that Code Enforcement is (finally?) doing its job in a professional, lawful manner as is evident ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 21, 12 6:01 PM
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I will agree with you board watcher that some of the springs folks are a bit over the top in regards to the housing issue. they really need to realize that the town is not willing to go to the extent that they wish in regards to housing.
By reality 101 (137), East Hampton on Mar 22, 12 7:24 PM
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To Ms. Campolo, I was told the same thing about the mass at Most Holy Trinity. I was told the deacon expressed great disappointment in the Unoccupy the Hamptons/Buda group. The word around town about the Buda group is not good at all. Mrs. Buda can say her followers are growing as time goes on, but she has no idea how outraged so many in the community are with the suggestions to spy on neighbors, take pictures of those living in the neighborhoods,calling people shadowy, and all the rest. Everyone ...more
By connwatcher (112), east hampton on Mar 22, 12 8:07 PM
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And I agree with you reality, that there are many "successful" locals who can "afford" to live here -- most own businesses and employ others - or work for the Town. The list is endless starting with commercial and recreational boat captains in Montauk and ending at a restaurant called Town Line in Wainscott! Those "middle classers" have to have six figure incomes (combined or not) to "afford" to live here. My question is - where are 20-something kids coming back from college, or 18-21 year olds ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Mar 22, 12 8:18 PM
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that's what the landscape is right now, and probably for the future, so if people want to live here, and own a home, they will have to find a way to make decent money. It is what it is. Do I think it's a good thing that you need a six figure salary to live here and be "middle class", no.
By reality 101 (137), East Hampton on Mar 25, 12 9:19 AM
Keep an eye out for my upcoming series entitled "The Springs Justice Court Watch Report." It will provide details of cases adjudicated in the East Hampton Justice Court from July 1, 2010, that alleged violations of Town zoning laws at properties in The Springs, with an emphasis on those ordinances that regulate lawful housing occupancy conditions in single-family residential zones. The names of some of the offenders may surprise, if not shock, many. The focus of The Springs Concerned Citizens ...more
By davbud (127), east hampton on Mar 23, 12 10:45 AM
How many complaints resulted in a dead end or dragging someone into court who should not have been there? Will your report include the number and types of "citizen complaints" that resulted in no prosecution and identify who made the complaints that resulted in nothing but unfair accusations against innocent taxpayers? I anxiously await the shocking news on the offenders - no doubt some local people we will all recognize. One thing I am curious to see is what you label as failures by the Town ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Mar 23, 12 11:41 PM
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Town Justice Court cases are commenced only when the Ordinance Enforcement Department, acting pursuant to guidelines established by the Director of Code Enforcement and the Public Safety Division Administrator, indicate the allegations have merit. Perhaps one of the Complaints alleging zoning ordinance violations that was brought to Town Justice Court and resulted in a plea of guilty that I will summarize in The Springs Court Watch Report actually involved "hohum123" but, alas, we will never know ...more
By davbud (127), east hampton on Mar 24, 12 11:03 AM
ALAS, I'm waiting for DAVBUD's report - 16 days since March 24 and no report. By the way HOHUM 123 has no rental property in East Hampton or anywhere else, sorry.
I am anxious to see all those local bubs in Springs that own houses with illegal rental situations like Mr. Buda promises. I also ask Mr. Buda to attach a list of all the houses his group turned into Code Enforcement that resulted in no action. I'm sure those people want to know they have been under the microscope. Alas, I doubt ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Apr 9, 12 6:27 PM
Hmmm ... longer than that now .... I too am curious about the list that was handed in that resulted in "no action". All hearings are public if anyone REALLY wants to know. Perhaps Mr. Buda will be pushing for a town paid "public advocate" position next ....
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on May 1, 12 10:50 PM