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Jul 9, 2019 4:22 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Town Board Approves Measure To Extend Public Water Mains In East Quogue

Jul 10, 2019 8:56 AM

The Southampton Town Board unanimously approved a proposal on Tuesday authorizing the board to move forward with a $4 million project to fund 10,000 feet of public water main extensions along public roads in East Quogue.

Hard on the heels of state lawmakers enacting legislation allowing municipalities to use Community Preservation Fund revenue for water quality improvement projects—such as providing access to public water in response to groundwater contamination—the Town Board recently set aside $4 million to combat pollution by emerging perfluorinated chemicals, known as PFOA and PFOS.

Two sites within Southampton Town—including a former town landfill located at the end of Damascus Road in East Quogue, and a county-owned former police kennel facility located in the eastern part of Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton—have contributed to groundwater contamination in the hamlet, according to reports from both the State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

Neither of the two sites have been confirmed as the source of the contaminants. However, due to their close proximity to residential neighborhoods, the chemicals have crept into at least 70 of 130 private drinking water wells in East Quogue.

At Tuesday’s Town Board meeting, Assistant Town Attorney Kathleen Murray confirmed that the entire surrounding community, outlined by a map provided by the County Health Department, is eligible to connect to the water mains under state legislation. That vicinity is bounded on the north by Lewis Road and Gabreski Airport; on the west by Quogue Riverhead Road, Whippoorwill Lane and Peacock Path; on the south by Bluejay Way, Woodleigh Place, Sachem Lane and Damascus Road; and on the east by Lewis Road.

“If you’re on that map, you’re okay,” Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said.

Residents living on portions of William Street, West Side Avenue, Dogwood Street, Lakewood Avenue, Quogue Riverhead Road, Damascus Road, Lewis Road and First Place will soon have access to public water mains, according to Suffolk County Water Authority CEO Jeff Szabo.

The water supplier has agreed to enter into a contract with Southampton Town to provide public water to those homeowners, who would then be charged as any other water authority customers.

Mr. Szabo has estimated that the water main construction would cost roughly $1.8 million—the remaining $2.2 million in CPF monies is set aside to cover the installation of service lines from the street to individual homes, according to Mr. Schneiderman.

Mr. Szabo estimates that work could begin on the project as early as mid-August.

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By afj (24), East Quogue on Jul 10, 19 7:32 AM
1 member liked this comment
How is Southampton able to pay for the individual hookups to the mains? The residents of Wainscott were told by the East Hampton Town Board that is was illegal for the Town pay for the individual hookups. Have the Wainscott residents been lied to by the East Hampton Town Board?
By Colt (37), Wainscott on Jul 10, 19 3:43 PM
CPF slush fund.

However, EQ will await the political payback from SHTB and Land Mgt on those CPF credits that town will toss upon it. After all, there is no free lunch if your a income tax payer.
By Hamptonsway (107), Southampton on Jul 10, 19 9:44 PM
This is great! Now no excuse to not use CPF to fix Hampton Bays too!
By Ref11 (17), hampton bays on Jul 11, 19 10:38 PM
the expense to hook up to the main is the home owners expense, not public expense, add to that the water mains paid for by public dollars will be used by Suffolk County Water Authority, which is a corporation much like LIPA. if the town is paying for this should it be Hampton Bays Water District providing the service? is this why SCWA wanted "purchase" the HBWD with our established wells. HMMM is some one working for a political promotion. anyone check lately who is the Chairman of the Board ...more
By summer2001 (8), Hampton Bays on Jul 12, 19 6:11 AM
You raise a good point - can CPF monies be used for some of the water quality issues in HB? The next Town Board meeting is on July 23rd at 6 PM at the Hampton Bays Senior Center. This issue should be raised in the public portion section where people can address the Board (and then it is memorialized on video and in the minutes). And yes, check the Board of Turstees/Directors on the sWCA - you will see some familiar political names.
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Jul 12, 19 6:22 AM