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May 19, 2015 5:37 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Proposed Benefits For 'The Hills At Southampton' Planned Development District

May 20, 2015 12:27 PM

The Discovery Land Company of Arizona, the developers behind “The Hills at Southampton” proposed mixed-use planned development district in East Quogue, is now proposing the following 15 community benefits as part of its application:

• No children from the 118 residential units will attend the East Quogue School District, and homeowners will contribute about $4.4 million per year in school taxes.

• The developers will set aside $40,000 to fund various improvements at the East Quogue Elementary School.

• The developers will donate nearly an acre of land on Central Avenue, worth $250,000, to the East Quogue School District as a future site for an administration building.

• Sidewalks and a crosswalk, worth about $150,000 combined, will be installed at locations to be determined at a later date.

• The developers will make other additional contributions to the school district including: $19,000 for the purchase of 60 iPads and a charging station; $20,000 for a new electronic sign in front of the elementary school; $180,000 for a new playground; $35,000 for the installation of a new irrigation system; and financing $30,000 worth of upgrades to the school’s athletic fields.

• The firm will contribute at least $1.8 million toward watershed improvements that would benefit both Weesuck Creek and western Shinnecock Bay, including a subsidy for homes near the bay to upgrade their septic systems as well as the restoration of eelgrass, clams and oysters. This also includes a $50,000 donation to Southampton Town that will be earmarked for future research of high-tech septic systems, and $30,000 for a habitat restoration research program for Shinnecock Bay that will be planned and executed by the firm.

• The developers will install enhanced wastewater treatment facilities, valued at about $1.4 million, on “The Hills” property where feasible.

• The developers plan to restore native habitats on the Hills South, Kracke and Parlato properties, improvements that are estimated to cost $501,200.

• The developers will dedicate four acres, worth $220,000, to the Suffolk County Water Authority for a new well field.

• The developers will provide at least $500,000 for additional parking in downtown East Quogue, which they will lease from Ronnie Campsey, owner of the New Moon Cafe.

• The PDD will is expected to add approximately 150 jobs to the community, worth about $5.1 million annually.

• The developers will allow access to “The Hills” property for educational programs, such as those focusing on habitat restoration, valued at about $75,000 annually.

• The developers will permit members of the Westhampton Beach High School golf team to practice at the golf course, providing an estimated $156,800 annual benefit.

• Five charity outings can be hosted at the golf course each year, a benefit valued at about $360,000 annually. One of the outings will benefit the school district, the proceeds from a second will go to the East Quogue Fire Department, and a third will benefit bay restoration projects. The town will determine what groups benefit from the two remaining outings. Each event is projected to bring in $75,000 based on the output of similar outings held at Sebonack Golf Club each year.

• The developers will pay for improvements to the East Quogue Cemetery on Spinney Road. A cost for that has not yet been determined.

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... ridiculous numbers, totally pumped up. These benefits are still not real, the environmental ones are necessary due to the destruction of the pine barrens and the bays brought on by the development. I like the "educational programs" in "habitat restoration" offering. The developers ruin the land and they invite our kids in to repair the damage.

You can continue to feebly attempt to buy your way into this project with these payouts Discovery Land , you can continue to hurl crap against ...more
By William Rodney (561), southampton on May 19, 15 7:57 PM
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Is the Discovery Land Company going to clean up the eyesore property owned by Ronnie Campsey as part of their lease agreement?
By crusader (391), East Quogue on May 19, 15 8:28 PM
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Correct me if I am wrong, according to the SHP above article, the Discovery Land Company is going to provide $500,000 toward EQ downtown parking.

They are going to lease property from the NEW MOON CAFE owner, Ron Campsey. Seems to me he stands to financially gain handsomely from "The Hills" project approval. No wonder he is in favor of it!!!
By crusader (391), East Quogue on May 20, 15 7:05 AM
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Let's call the golf course "Algeri Hills"
By whatapity (106), Tuckahoe on May 20, 15 9:55 PM
Right off the bat, Developer's Statement #1 is false: No children from the 118 residential units will attend the East Quogue School District . . ." That can't be so. If those kids' families live in EQ and have no present intention of leaving, those kids are legally entitled to go to school there.

That fundamental right can't be signed away, so the "covenant" that the developer wants to have each purchaser sign, agreeing not to have their children attend school in EQ, will not be upheld ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on May 21, 15 4:17 PM
By the way Mr Turkey Man it's also true you can't deny an application, because you don't want more children in school. Give me a break no one that can afford one of these homes will be living here full time.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on May 21, 15 4:28 PM
Chief, the Discovery Land Company is the one providing false and misleading information under the ruse of a "community benefit." Those of us in EQ have been down this road before.

I say let them build their allotted homes on the 5 acre parcels which have prior SHTB approval. What they are looking to do is game the system to include a golf course & catering hall. To do this they need to get a zoning change(PDD). This is where the line in the sand has been drawn..........no golf course & ...more
By crusader (391), East Quogue on May 21, 15 8:40 PM
ALL PDD's are a bad idea. I have yet to see one that had local support. The ones approved of in Hampton Bays and the Sandy Hollow subdivison never should have passed. The town board has allowed this to happen.
It's election year......VOTE THE IDIOTS OUT. Get off you rumps and vote for anyone who runs a platform against the PDD law.
By maddie1974 (12), southampton on Jun 8, 15 10:06 PM
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LOL - I would have paid no mind to this issue if it weren't for seeing this list of bribes. I don't need to know anything else. Anything that requires this much graft has got to be massively negative for us residents.
By RSEQNY (6), East Quogue on Jul 30, 15 5:09 PM