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Sep 30, 2016 9:57 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Zeldin Travels With Obama To Israel For Peres Funeral

Sep 30, 2016 3:37 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin traveled with President Barack Obama to Israel for the funeral of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres on Friday.

Mr. Zeldin, the only Jewish Republican in the House, praised Mr. Peres for his dedication to peace in the Middle East and protecting the Israeli people.

“Former Israeli President Shimon Peres was deeply committed to preserving peace, security and democracy in Israel and the Middle East,” Mr. Zeldin said in a statement released by his office on Thursday evening. “It is an honor to join with the President in attending President Peres’ funeral service to pay respects and offer condolences on behalf of the First Congressional District of New York and the United States.”

Mr. Zeldin is the co-chairman of the House Republican Israel Caucus.

Mr. Peres was Israel’s prime minister, it’s top government post, twice and it’s president, a ceremonial position, from 2007 to 2014. He was among the first generation of Israeli government leadership in the 1940s and 1950s, assuming his first high-level government post at age 28, and is credited as having led the build-up of the country’s military might.

Mr. Zeldin is in his first term in Congress, and is seeking reelection this fall against Democratic challenger Anna Throne-Holst, the former supervisor of Southampton Town.

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By Biba (566), East Hampton on Sep 30, 16 11:38 AM
"The only Jewish member of Congress"? Since when?
By June Bug (2680), SOUTHAMPTON on Sep 30, 16 12:31 PM
Either you skipped your remedial reading classes, or 27 East made a late correction:

>"the only Jewish Republican in the House."

Since the reporter was Michael Wright, it was probably wrong in the original.

By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Sep 30, 16 2:03 PM
They made a correction on update.
By June Bug (2680), SOUTHAMPTON on Sep 30, 16 8:34 PM
He's gonna have to rushahoma on Monday...
By foodwhiner (148), Southampton on Sep 30, 16 12:45 PM
Here's a riddle.

Q: Obama, Hillary, Bill, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the liberal media are all on a plane. It crashes. Who survives?

A: America
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Sep 30, 16 12:47 PM
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By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Sep 30, 16 10:58 PM
Why hide your feelings behind asterisks ?
By Biba (566), East Hampton on Oct 1, 16 2:17 PM
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Answer to riddle: Al Sharpton? What did I win?
By fire11 (276), east hampton on Sep 30, 16 10:12 PM
Answer to riddle: Al Sharpton? What did I win?
By fire11 (276), east hampton on Sep 30, 16 10:14 PM
Wow, TheShadow should go back in its cave of stupidity and SlimeAlive never ceases to discount it's name. Fire11? You'll never make it as a comedienne.
By Infoseeker (280), Hampton Bays on Oct 1, 16 2:40 PM
BTW TheShadow give some examples. Many Conservatives are Zionists too. Your stereotypes are typical of the dimwitted class of no-no thing antisemites.
By Infoseeker (280), Hampton Bays on Oct 1, 16 2:43 PM
This is a nice photo op and headline grabber for Lee Zeldin, but is he really serious about Middle East solutions? Well, he opposed the Iran nuclear agreement. Granted many did, but Lee Zeldin also missed 12 of 18 committee hearings on ISIS and Syria. Sounds like more of a show horse than a work horse. Vote for Anna Throne-Holst on November 8.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Oct 2, 16 10:33 AM
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Have you registered as a lobbyist for Anna Throne-Holst, TB?

Don't you think you should?

By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Oct 2, 16 2:44 PM
That's silly.

By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Oct 3, 16 9:16 AM
What??? He went with the President to a funeral for one of the greatest men who worked tirelesslt for peace in the region.
By Infoseeker (280), Hampton Bays on Oct 2, 16 1:50 PM
TB, it seems to me that your peeps are the kings and queens of photo ops. I have watched the Southampton Town Board meeting for years. ATH appeared incapable of understanding basic concepts. She told a consultant to talk to her like she was a sixth grader (or eight year old, I forget the exact term). I was embarrassed for her. Maybe her skill set is more in line with selling real estate or sea shells by the sea shore.
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Oct 3, 16 9:26 AM
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This is still kind of a small town, HB Proud, and that means there'll be a lot of pics of local officials in the small-town paper -- the supervisor, council members and the congressman. What matters is whether there's real substance in the story under the photo. Is the official announcing a significant program or just mouthing off to get in the paper?

Important as this observance of a great statesman's death is, I still maintain that we would be better served regarding the Middle East ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Oct 3, 16 11:18 AM
TB, I watched enough of the Town Board meeting over the years and the presenters could not have been any clearer. I watched ATH flip her hair or fix her shawl and had no idea or didn't care what anyone had to say. Sorry, but she gives every woman who has fought to get ahead a bad name. You are entitled to your opinion as am I.
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Oct 3, 16 3:57 PM
I've watched as many such meetings as you have, I dare say, and at most of them I was present in the room, and at nearly half of those, I was a participant in that I spoke either at the hearing on a particular resolution or at the public portion.

You're right in saying that the presenters generally are clear, but there are exceptions, and if my memory is correct re the speak-to-us-like-children instance, that was one of the exceptions. It's very easy to mislead people with terminology ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Oct 3, 16 6:16 PM
TB, anyone that follows your posts knows that you support any democrat. I have no party affiliation. I believe in voting for the best candidate with an ability to comprehend the issues and make sound decisions. From my observation, ATH is not it the person. The "talk to us like we are children" was about the roads around the Shopping Center - please - not rocket science. I would be surprised if any woman who has made their own way in the business world or anyone in Hampton Bays who knows she ...more
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Oct 3, 16 7:37 PM
The truth is that our district's seat in congress would be equally well occupied by an inflated Zeldin doll (and, as Turkey Bridge has pointed out, it would have a much, much better attendance record than the current occupant.) Whereas his predecessor was proud of his having brought hundreds of millions of dollars in federal investment into his constituency, The Honorable Lee seems to think that such activity is infra dig. (Hands up for those who can name a single significant financial incentive ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Oct 4, 16 7:03 AM
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HH, You are entitled to your opinion. IMO, ATH had her chance at public office in the Town of Southampton and was not capable of addressing the issues. I cannot in good faith give her one more day. She was party to the over development, she did not address our waters, she curtailed the overspending at the expense of maintenance of public property and the safety of the residents. She repeatedly dismissed the concerns of residents - at times ridiculing them. I am willing to give Mr. Zeldin a few ...more
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Oct 4, 16 7:38 AM
Considering Peres was the exact opposite of Lee Zeldin in every way shape and form -- quoted as saying hed rather teach children to dream of the possibilities than remember the past, among many other liberal, peace loving ideologies -- this praise from The Zealot is rich with irony. Just another national tv opportunity. What a joke.
By Brandon Quinn (191), Hampton Bays on Oct 5, 16 8:48 PM
He wasn't exactly the "exact opposite".
By Sturgis (611), Southampton on Oct 5, 16 10:16 PM
We have ATH to thank for the overdevelopment in our town and the PDD debacle, especially the Hills at Southampton deal our current town board is saddled with. If only they had the gumption to reject it now. Once a politician, always a politician. ATH does not deserve a chance. BTW, didn't she get a real estate broker's license to fall back on? That shows her allegience to developers.
By Taz (725), East Quogue on Oct 7, 16 10:20 AM
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Lee Zeldin was one of the earliest supporters of Donald Trump, and he has consistently been one of the man's most vocal fans, sticking with him through all the self-inflicted wounds, all the lies, all the U-turns and all the outrages.

Now, however, in the wake of the Tic-Tac Tape, it's time for the Honorable Lee to fish or cut bait. If he doesn't get off the Trump train now, Zeldin will go down with his big buddy. Lee Zeldin needs to do three things -- he must repudiate Trump's repellent ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Oct 10, 16 5:46 PM
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