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The Final Garden Punch List Before Winter Nov 11, 19 12:39 PM

It’s been cold enough during the past couple of weeks to take garden and garden tool preparations for winte... more

New York Residents Urged To Be On The Lookout For Spotted Lanternfly Eggs Masses Nov 11, 19 11:38 AM

As freezing temperatures approach, the State Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Agriculture and Marke... more

Landscape Architect Michael Derrig Named Star Of Design Nov 4, 19 3:38 PM

Few people have left a mark on the South Fork — in both the literal and figurative sense — as... more

Check Off These Fall Garden To-Do's Before The Freeze Sets In Nov 4, 19 11:39 AM

With the effects of climate change, it seems to get harder and harder each year to figure out when we should take... more

Invaders: Stink Bugs, Lady Beetles Make Themselves At Home In Winter Oct 28, 19 12:49 PM

As I was walking back to my office last week on a cool and bright fall day an orange insect zipped past me and landed on a nearby... more

At Home With Rick Friedman, Art And Baseball Collector Oct 21, 19 3:45 PM

A large sculpture by Los Angeles artist Guy Dill greets visitors as they pull up the inclined driveway to Rick Friedman’s... more

Grow And Regrow Amaryllis To Brighten Dull Winters Oct 21, 19 11:56 AM

Could I interest you in a plant that will flower during the Christmas holiday season, will delight your guests, w... more

Antiques Are Poised To Make A Comeback Oct 21, 19 4:58 AM

I have been seeing a lot of articles about the imminent demise of the market for antiques, specifically English a... more

What Lies Within 'The Room Of The Haunt' At The Port Of Missing Men? Enter If You Dare Oct 15, 19 3:24 PM

Though it’s just a few minutes drive from Montauk Highway and the bustle of Southampton Village, up by the ... more

Planting Trees Requires Vision Oct 14, 19 2:31 PM

As deciduous trees — ones that lose their leaves each fall — begin to drop their leaves, we get one o... more

PSEG Long Island Offers Highly Discounted LEDs Oct 9, 19 11:27 AM

To encourage homeowners to switch from energy-hogging incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient and long-lasting LEDs, PSEG Long Island... more

Village Preservation Society Presents Awards Oct 7, 19 12:34 PM

The Village Preservation Society of East Hampton presented four awards for excellence in historic preservation or restoration during... more

Plant And Protect Tulips That Will Come Back Year After Year Oct 7, 19 11:11 AM

Several years ago, in early May I received an urgent call from a condo property manager for some help. It seems that their landscape... more

Parry Puts Environment First at South Fork Septic Oct 7, 19 10:07 AM

Taking the science that shows old septic systems and cesspools are a major player in nitrogen pollution and a detriment to Long... more

Reflections On Mirrors Sep 30, 19 11:41 AM

Mirrors are by far one of the most versatile items in every interior decorator’s arsenal.

While they can be produced... more
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