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Reviews by EastEndFoodie

Sen Japanese Restaurant May 8, 09 11:22 AM
Sen is by far the BEST sushi place on the East End. The freshest sushi, amazing service and a comfortable, hip place to eat. The restaurant is immaculate and it's nice to have the mangers and owners stop by your table as ask you how everything is.

Between the new menu and the recently added daily specials everyone, kids and sushi haters alike, will love their meal.

One tip for summer dining: Be prepared to wait for a table. Sen's located on Main Street so there is plenty to do while you wait.

BTW, the sushi there is by NOAH-means pre-sliced. You can sit at the sushi bar and watch ToraSan prepare your food fresh. This guy NOAH obviously hasn't ever eaten there. Read his other reviews, he gets off on bashing restaurants. GOAH-way.

American Hotel Restaurant May 8, 09 11:22 AM
The Hotel is a classic, white table cloth restaurant with a French menu. It's nice to walk into a restaurant and be greeted and treated like a special guest.

This place manages to retain the old-school feeling right down to the pencil-thin mustached bartenders. Once considered expensive (don't get me wrong, it's not cheap) it's menu is now pretty much comparable to everything else out here.

In the summer, make sure to reserve a porch table so you can sip your cocktail and enjoy your fruit de mar in style.
Bay Burger May 8, 09 11:22 AM
The burgers here are phenomenal! Freshly ground beef on a freshly baked bun, it doesn't get better than this. Add on Tater Tots or Fries and you are truly in heaven. The rest of the menu is equally as good, especially the grilled cheese and the blue cheese wedge salad.

I would rate this 5 stars except I've found the temperature is usually one level rarer than usual; i.e. order a medium and you are going to get a medium rare. This happens especially when it's busy. I've just gotten into the habit of ordering medium well.
B. Smith's Restaurant May 8, 09 11:22 AM
Bartenders in the summer here are a lot of fun, especially Rich, and you cannot beat the view and scene. B and her husband are frequently around and quite pleasant.

However, the food is so-so. I ordered little neck clams on the half shell last summer and was served a 6" clam. Blech.

Best bet is to start your evening here for cocktails on the patio and move up the street for some better food.
La Superica May 8, 09 11:22 AM
Overpriced, over rated and a frequently under-age bar scene.

The service is pleasant and the food isn't bad, nor the margaritas (especially the "perfect") but paying $20 for a burrito anywhere is just ridiculous, no matter how good.