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Reviews by milkdilk

Townline BBQ Oct 4, 11 2:39 AM
It is great if used properly. Spiced salty meats. Delicious.
La Capannina Pizzeria Oct 4, 11 2:37 AM
Do it. Pizza.
Bay Burger Oct 4, 11 2:35 AM
Good burgers, okay fries. Get a burger, don't mess around with anything fancy.
La Superica Oct 4, 11 2:35 AM
Food is mostly beans and bean slop. Way over priced. But, pile enough of the awesome hot sauce, and get dirty with a Perfect, you might enjoy yourself.
Katrinkas Deli Oct 4, 11 2:32 AM
Solid place. Great sandwiches, fries are awesome - they just do the deli thing right.
Agave Mexican Bar & Grill Oct 4, 11 2:30 AM
I'd give this place a 2, because the tacos I got tasted like dog meat - that is to say, somewhere between what i assume the "meat" in dog food and cooked dog flesh taste like - and there was noone in there. So as far as appealing to the senses, this place makes a very flaccid attempt.

But, as for the staff, they are reasonable, nice enough people. The service wasn't exactly standout, but they all smiled and did what was asked of them. I'm reading these other reviews out loud to my roommates, and we are all getting a huge kick out of these horrible whiners. The minute by minute break downs (relax, guy), the kids somehow going into melt-down mode (you are screwing up your kids, big time), the lady complaining about ordering cheese on a fajita (get an enchillada, or a dang quesadilla)

But yea, weird vibe in this place.
World Pie Oct 4, 11 2:15 AM
awesome salads and steamers and fries and all kinds of great stuff. mediocre pizza for the price.