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Reviews by TheTurtle

75 Main Restaurant Aug 20, 14 4:08 PM
The mahi-mahi fish sandwich had a distinct fishy smell...the kind of smell you pick up on when the fish is not fresh. The roast beef hash was greasy. No IPA beer.
Trumpets On The Bay Jan 4, 14 11:00 AM
Food =8.5 . Refused to seat us so we could enjoy the sunset it was 4:45 PM and the place was empty. Had to sit in dark bar and listen to bartender complain about how his replacement was late. Wait staff very busy talking, served, then wanted to know how we liked before we finished our first bite. First time there, it was our 41st anniversary. The customers were nicer than the staff. Would not go back as a couple, would go back in a group.
Shippy's Pumpernickels Restaurant Dec 13, 12 8:39 PM
Haven't been for a year.
It has died a natural death.
I overheard our waitress critiquing my bar order at $6.00 for a Half Pint of beer, sorry too rich for me. The food did not make up for it.
After many years of outstanding food and service, it is gone. Barristers held their head up high to the end, not here.