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Goldberg's Famous

(631) 204-1046
819 County Rd. 39, Southampton
Bagels & Bakeries 

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Reviewed by short changed on Nov 20, 2010
I was in there on Fri. Nov. 19th with my 80 year old dad. The guy behind the counter gave us change of a $20 bill, then lifts up the cash draw to put the $50 bill underneath. " Oh I thought you gave me a $20 bill". If that were the case my $50 bill would be up top with the $20 bills. RIP OFF !!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Mets fan (3) on Jun 16, 2009
They need to put people on earlier on Sundays. They had only two clerks on a busy Sunday in June,this isn't January!!! Pathetic, cheap and bad business. I don't find it quaint to wait on line for twenty or more minutes. They need to spend some money in there. The place is dingy and too small. Their is larger open space available right next store. They would increase their business three-fold with nicer seating and larger work area for more clerks. Just sitting in car, you can see how many people leave when they see line outside the door. Bagels are good, but I get plenty of overcooked ones as well. The people work hard in there to please, but sometimes you need to look from the outside and look at it from a customer's eyes.
Reviewed by Uncle Fester (8) on May 8, 2009
Best bagels around.

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