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Loaves & Fishes

(631) 537-0555
50 Sagg Main St, Sagaponack
Bagels & Bakeries, Specialty & Gourmet 

Average Review
Reviewed by strandny (11) on Dec 22, 2011
Very very nice people but I"m sorry this place is a 1 star for me. The food is nice quality, homemade, and fresh, but for getting it served to you cold in containers it is nothing short of highway robbery. I stopped in to sample a few things with my girlfriend and left with:
1Q of that famous greek lemon soup (theirs not so famous because it was terrible, not bad, TERRIBLE & $17)
2 slices of picture perfect, seared to perfection beef tenderloin. Of course I had to reheat it, so when eating it, it was far from picture perfect –taste ok, just like reheated beef tenderloin, not a bad left over but not what you pay top dollar for.
Mashed potatoes on the plus side worth the stop – just get the mashed nothing else, some of the best frickin mashed I’ve ever had!!!
Anyway, in short out of the 6 or so items I sampled, and I mean sampled, the bill was $120. The look of most of the food could have been on the cover of a magazine, fantastic, the taste of most, I’ve had better, served deli style cold yet the prices – unless you have nothing better to do with your money I think you may be crazy to dump it here. Go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and still send the difference you would’ve spent here to your favorite charity. Honestly, it’s that badly overpriced.
Go to the American Hotel, considered one of the if not the finest restaurnat in the hampton, get their Soupe a l’Oignon Gratinee for $15 served fresh, hot deliciuos by a waiter etc or pay $17 for crap soup in a chinese soup container cold
Go to Matsulin for the best Tom-Yum I've ever had and pay $7 dining in, of course served hot
Go to American Pie Pizzareria for some homemade pasta fagioli like nobody else has and pay $5 and get a jumbo garlic knot, all served hot and watch TV while giving $1's out to other patrons, it's money better spent then at loaves and fishes.
I'd go back to loaves and fishes for one reason only - to see the crazy people who would pay such outlandish prices for food like this - that's worth watching.
Reviewed by hamptonsfoodie (8) on May 21, 2009
Fondly refered to as "Loaves and Thieves" and "Loans and Finances," as you basically need a second mortgage to cover the cost of a serving of pasta salad and a chunk of cheese. All the food is scrumptious, but so expensive it borders on insanity. If the government needs help finding Bernie Madoff's missing billions, I'm sure much of it is in their cash register.

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