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Citarelli's Market

(631) 325-0025
525 Montauk Hwy, Eastport
Delis & Country Stores 

Average Review
Reviewed by tee2sea (7) on Jan 12, 2013
Love this place. There is nothing as good as a hungry man hero in the morning. Lunch has amazing hot and cold offerings. This is the place to stop when you really dont feel like cooking. They had amazing bread pudding with fresh fruit over the winter. I think sammy must have been having a bad day. The place is packed with locals & hungry people.. Also I stop for bread. I mean really stop for bread as it is better than Blue Duck or ANY other bakery. Baked fresh all day as they sell out. Leave me some!
Reviewed by slamminsammy on Nov 8, 2009
Slow service and i had pieces of plastic in my eggs. Pass.

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