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Nick & Toni's

(631) 324-3550
136 N Main St, East Hampton
Nouvelle Eclectic, White Tablecloth 

Average Review
Reviewed by BillyD (11) on Jan 26, 2010
The food is slightly above average, but not for the prices. If your'e not a celebrity don't expect to get treated well. If you want to see a celebrity then this is the place for you. I would go back, but I thought my money was just as good as somebody who made a movie, I guess I was wrong.
Reviewed by Ella'sMom (6) on May 21, 2009
Great service. Certainly pricey, but very good food and atmosphere. This is a trendy spot in the summer, but can also be enjoyed by locals year-round.
Reviewed by dianne (3) on May 8, 2009
Too much of a scene food is average service is horrible unless you are someone not worth the effort many better places to enjoy

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